Sante Fe Breakfast Crepe

I dont eat omelets and that leaves me with a very scanty choice of items to choose from on typical American breakfast menus, especially if I want vegetarian and savory. Indian meals are full of savory breakfast options, that's why I am used to savory even in the morning. This recipe found its way in our kitchen as a result of my savory craving and my husband's eggs. He makes the best gourmet eggs, not that I have tasted them, but I can just tell. He was sauteing a delicious blend of vegetables for his eggs and that's how I decided on the crepes. Here goes..

1 onion
3 mini yellow or red peppers
8-10 mushrooms (baby bellas)
1 garlic pod
1 red potato
4-5 slices of picked jalapeno
paprika, salt, pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
truffle oil
pepper jack cheese
light sour cream
avocado slices, or guacamole
pancake or crepe batter

In a large non-stick, pour in the olive oil, thinly sliced potatoes with skin, diced garlic and let this mixture cook for 7 mins with lid. Throw in thinly sliced onions, mushroom, diced peppers along with salt, pepper and paprika. Cook the mixture for another 10mins.

In a flat non stick pan, pour the pancake batter. I didn't know how to make crepes so this was my quick solution. I added a lot of water to the buttermilk pancake mix to allow it to spread very thin. Let it cook completely, then place the cooked vegetables on one half, sliced cheese on top of them, dash of your favorite hot sauce, few drops of truffle oil. And on the other half spread 1 tsp of light sour cream, and 1 tsp of guacamole. If you have avacado, you can just slice it on top of your vegetables. Fold the pancake into half and cook on both sides for 1-2 minutes each to allow the cheese to melt.


Mux,  July 16, 2009  

Yummmm! I am definitely going to try this one. =)

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