Naan pizza

A warm scrumptious pizza loaded with your favorite vegges in less than 20minutes!

I started with Deep Naans (Indian store), spread a tomato basil pasta sauce, followed by a sprinkle of pepper flakes, onions, mushroom, mini red and yellow peppers, capers, garden fresh rosemary topped off with a chipotle gouda, salt to taste and baked it for 10minutes at 350F. On another version, I switched the rosemary and capers for black olives and fresh oregano.


mux,  November 22, 2009  

You're awesome. Your recipes and photographs make my tummy growl. :S

Adi November 23, 2009  

wow I'm so hungry right now, this naan pizza sounds mucho deliciouso, good stuff.

Veggie Belly November 23, 2009  

You are a genious! Youve combined two of my favorite things!! Bookmarked!

Anonymous,  December 06, 2011  

I am very proud to say that I bought Naan bread as it looked so good and decided on my own to make pizza with it using no sauce and all fresh veggies.....we no longer use pizza dough or sauce.....this is just too fresh and delicious. I must have a little Indian in me!

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