Put that bottle of rum to good use!

To my Trini friends, "1919 lives on.."

We have been savoring a bottle of rum we got from Trinidad for 2 years now and just two weekends ago, saw the last drop empty out. I couldn't throw away all the memories attached to the bottle. So I cleaned it out with soap water, took out all the labels except the main one and let it dry. I filled it with extra virgin olive oil, some peppercorn, a roasted garlic pod and fresh rosemary twigs. I shut it airtight and am going to let it sit for a week before I use it. Some people online ask to heat the oil prior but I think this will work just fine, I don't see the point of breaking down the oil and storing it, it will get rancid. I couldn't resist taking a whiff last night, the rosemary infusion was breathtaking!
Get a cork with a spout to replace the original for when you want to use the oil.


Anonymous,  July 19, 2009  

I love it! Your creativeness is boundless, you are an inspiration. Let's work on a bottle of gin next :)

Cheers, Jaclyn.

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