Chipotle roasted vegetable quesadilla

  • I started with a chopped medley of fresh - mushroom, onions, red and yellow mini peppers, and frozen corn.
  • Sauteed the chopped vegetables in olive oil with salt to taste and a dash of roasted cumin powder, paprika, and some chipotle Tabasco sauce.
  • Then layered the filling in sun dried tomato tortillas with some chipotle gouda and cooked on both sides without any oil.
  • I served the warm spicy quesadilla with a simple salad - avocado, lettuce, olives sprinkled with fresh lime juice.


Veggie Belly November 24, 2009  

i love the flavor of chipotle. isnt chipotle tabasco the best!

Shweta Humad Sharma November 25, 2009  

i didnt know it existed, and once i discovered the chipotle tabasco, i am hooked!

Renu January 24, 2010  

How are you guys doing. This is an incredible site you are building here. I would recommend putting the red artichoke hearts in the Hors D'euvres section. They were so tasty and easy to make. Renu,Blair& Nata

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