Mini potato quiche

The disclaimer here is that I did not taste these so I have no idea how they turned out, I imagine good from my husband's reaction though :)
I cant stomach egg is any form other than in baked goods. Its a smell and a texture that doesn't go past that first bite. For the same reason you will rarely see egg recipes from me.

  • I started with a muffin tray and evenly spread olive oil in them.
  • Then sprinkled paprika, garlic powder and pepper in each mold.
  • Chopped in boiled potato as the first layer, followed by sliced onion and lastly mushroom.
  • Then poured in egg whites about 1/2" deep, sprinkled some salt, and added few drops of Tabasco in each.
  • Topped with organic cheddar cubes and set it to bake for 10mins at 350F and 3-5mins at the off setting.
  • Stick in a knife to check if its done in the last 3-5mins.
  • Allow to cool for 5-6mins
  • Scrape the sides off with a knife
  • Flip em over in your serving plate
Think if I skipped the cheese they would have slipped out easier, but then nothing replaces warm guey cheese!


An-show-man July 19, 2010  

I must say that this was very very good. I enjoyed these over the two day weekend.

Veggie Belly August 06, 2010  

wow, this sounds incredibly delicious! i could have this with a salad and make a meal out of it. Potato + cheddar + tabasco = heaven!

Smita August 17, 2010  

Looks sure it was yummmmmy too

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