Green gram daal dosas

I took a cup of green gram whole beans, also called 'lilva' in Hindi and soaked them overnight. You can find them dry in the Indian store, or even in the frozen section. I used the dry ones. The following day I ground them with 2 garlic pods, 4 whole black pepper balls and salt to taste. I tried to use as little water as possible while grinding to keep the batter thick.

Then I prepared the toppings: chopped onion, grated part-skim mozzarella, chopped fresh cilantro, paprika sprinkle, chopped green chilies.

Heat your non stick, spread some oil with a wet tissue to evenly coat the pan, pour and spread batter. I used the back of wet spoon to spread evenly. Let it cook till the top side starts to dry some, then add your toppings, let the cheese melt, fold and serve! You have yourself a healthy dosa full of protein. Have it as a weekend brunch with a cup of cardamom coffee. OR you can make some sambhar and/or potato sabji to go with it for dinner.


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