Homemade vegetable stock

To make sure I am making foods that incorporate as much good in them, is a daily goal for me. And that thought drives me to find the time to make more things at home, pushing my creativity to find new ways of improving everything I cook.

Over 6-8 weeks I collect remains of various vegetables and freeze them in one big Ziploc. Leafy carrot heads, leafy radish heads, chard and other green leafy vegetable stems, hearts of cauliflower and cabbage, celery ends, broccoli stems, pretty much whatever has been used in those weeks. When I have collected enough, I add all the vegetable ends with water, peppercorn, fresh herbs, salt, and some bay leaves into the trusty crock pot.

Let everything simmer for a good 4-5 hours, then drain using a fine mesh strainer and store for use in the freezer.


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