Spinach medley saag

Its one of those days that you dont have the time to make 2-3 different preparations and still want to get in the vegetables and lentils. Thats what prompted me to modify the regular spinach saag. I used whatever I had with me that day - frozen spinach, tomatoes, carrots.

I started with frozen-thawed spinach, chunks of carrot, tomato, garlic pods, piece of jalapeno (de-seeded), and spinach in the cooker and split yellow (chana) daal (that I had washed and soaking in warm water for few minutes).

Then added water to just submerge everything, salt to taste, 2 pinches to turmeric powed and a pinch of cumin seeds.

Then let is pressure cook for 2 whistles (approx less than 10mins), wait for it to cool a bit and used a hand blender to smooth everything.

For a separate pan I prepared a blend of 1/2 a yellow onion and 1 teaspoon of tomato paste - not because I didnt have more fresh tomato - I just like the fragrance of a bit a paste while sauteeing.

Once the onion and tomato was sauteed for few minutes in canola oil, I added in the pureed blend, along with a pinch of Indian all spice (garam masala), a squeeze of lime, and 2 tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese. Keep the flame on low to just allow for a slow simmer till everything has mixed in. And you'er done. I usually make roti/paratha or heat up naan with it.


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