Sweet potato crisps

This recipe was inspired by a craving to have sweet potato fries. And no matter how good sweet potato is for you with all its antioxidants and betacarotenes - you still dont want to add on calories by deep frying it.

So I peeled 2 raw sweet potatoes, and made thick slices. You want to keep them thicker because the baking will dehydrate it and shrink them. Also be careful while cutting the sweet potato, its rather hard to cut uncooked. I brushed them with an oil mixture I whipped up -
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp onion pwd
  • 1 tsp garlic pwd
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tsp crushed pepper
  • 2 tsp Italian herb seasonings
Then cook them for 10mins at 350F, remove flip over the crisps and cook for another 10mins. Adjust the baking time if you want them more crisp, just make sure they don't burn.

And there you have it - a perfect snack to nibble on while you watch the World cup games! Some of the seasoning that was brushed on will flake off and be sitting in the baking tray, remember to scrape all of it and sprinkle on the crisps.


Meenu Sharma June 29, 2010  

Wow! this looks delicious. Mine did not look that appetizing. I love sweet potatoes too and tried cooking them in the similar way but with less spices. I simply sprayed the slices with oil, sprinkled salt, pepper and cooked it. After they were done sprinkled some chat masala and squeezed fresh lemon. It was good but this looks better. Must follow your recipe next time i crave for sweet potatoes.

Shweta Humad Sharma June 29, 2010  

@Mumma, I have tried a similar lemon juice, chaat masala version in the past too, it was yum, but I had boiled them in that case and then left it as big cubes and rolled in all the masala - like the street vendors in Delhi :)
I'll put that up too one of these days..

Shashi June 29, 2010  

It looks sooo tempting and mouth watering. I too love sweetpotato chips, which I tried in Boston and loved it, but those were deep fried, need to try out your recipe, its more healthy.

Zia Elle July 06, 2010  

It's a perfect snack or appetizer, great!!
I love potatoes!!
What do you mean by "Italian herb seasonings" is it some powder that you can find on the supermarket? I'm italian and I'd like just to know the ingredients, thanks!!
Ciao from Roma!!

Simply Life July 06, 2010  

Oh those look delicious!

Shweta Humad Sharma July 06, 2010  

@Zia, my Italian seasoning is a dried powder of basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme that I got from a local supermarket. Make your own with whatever herbs you have, should be fine.

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