Strawberry preserves

When I am at the point where there's still more berries left, more than I can eat before they spoil, I blend them and freeze the puree. Its great for milkshakes and quick preserves.
I thawed a box of frozen strawberry puree, put half as much sugar and a dash of red dessert wine. Cooked it all till it reduced to the consistency I wanted. It was approximately less than half of what it was when I started, then stored it and refrigerated it. This will stay good for a month at least, as long as you are careful not to introduce any water into it. I have done this before with raspberries, or a blend of mixed berries, even apricots. Homemade preserves are the best.

I enjoyed it on a sourdough toast with butter and an invigorating cup of ginger chai. I am ready to take on the day!


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