Simple undhiya

This is a simpler version of a dish called Undhiya - popular Gujarati dish which stemmed from combining left over amounts of various vegetables in a tangy spicy seasoning. I did not have all the typical vegetables at hand, I was missing quite a few - small round eggplants, a special green bean called "tuar phali", tindori and plantain. But make it with whatever you have, even if its just yam and peas.

I chopped and rinsed what I had: yam (frozen from Indian store), potatoes, peas, baby Lima beans.

And thawed the muthiya. I always have muthiya in the freezer thanks to my beloved mom. She remembers to bring me some every visit. They are extremely handy to add a different flavor to vegetable medleys.

Then thawed a blend of seasoning I had prepared extra of the last time. For the above quantity of vegetables, take 2 heaped tbsp of frozen coconut, chunk of ginger, 2 garlic pods, 2-3 green chillies, handful of roasted peanuts, and give it a dry blend.

In a pot, add:
-3 tbsp oil
-1 tsp mustard seeds
-pinch of asafoetida,
-1 and half tsp turmeric and red chilly pwd each
-2 tsp corriander pwd
-2 tsp dry mango pwd
-and the above coconut blend

Now add in all the vegetables with half a cup of water and let that cook for 10mins with the lid on. After this add in the muthiya and give everything a good stir.

Add salt, half cup of tamarind juice, and lots (1/2 bunch) of finely diced fresh cilantro. Let the pressure cooker blow 2 whistles, turn off the flame and let the vegetables cook in the trapped steam for another 10-15minutes before you open the cooker.

This dish goes best with kadhi or shrikhand and puri. The picture below shows kadhi. We ended up having it with roti on a lazy sunday and enjoyed a sweet afternoon nap after. Heavy Indian food has that affect, especially on the weekend =)

Shrikhand and puri happens on special occasions (shown below). I get real lazy making puris. The last time I made puris (which happened to be with the mentioned combination coincidentally) was when my brother visited me 2 years ago.


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