California is a vegetarian haven. I am particularly familiar with restaurants in Berkeley having visited over a dozen times now, only I wasn't in the practice of blogging then so I have no pictures. Here's to starting over with the reviews..

Top on my list - Cheeseboard. A tiny shop on Shattuck avenue with a never ending line of pizza enthusiasts waiting their turn. The smells of fresh bakery dance to live jazz tunes. A fixed vegetarian menu for the day, chalked on a board that hangs amongst all the bustle. My first time there, I didn't know about cash only, the cashier still gave me the pie and said, No problem I know you will come back. And come back I did. For the roasted garlic, parsley, potato, blue cheese, caramelized onions, sweet corn, cilantro, lime juice and many more mouth watering toppings. At the end of the day they donate all the unsold bakery to start over fresh the next day. Recently my husband was traveling to Berkeley and carried back a half-baked half pie for me! It was beyond delicious..

--Red bell pepper, onions, mozzarella and feta cheese, olive tapenade.


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