Crescent Moon Bakery

Have you tried Afghani pizza? Its so delish you'll be licking your fingers. This deli is tucked away on Central Ave. They have frozen items to take away as well - pizzas, naans, yogurt, and lots more..In the summers there is outdoor seating with people smoking hukkah. There are signs for catering and an attached banquet hall I think.

The staff is warm, polite and friendly. The deli doesnt have much of an ambiance but gets 10 stars for their food. Even their mocha milkshake was just like I would have wanted it.

For $14.99 you can order the large football pizza, we generally ask to split it with the eggplant version and the spinach version. It comes with a tangy mint chutney that makes all the difference. You can ask for the 'red sauce' too, for more kick.

Roasted eggplant (similar to Indian bharta) with onions, mushroom, olives, mozzarella, and sumak (pomegranate pwd )

The Spinach version comes with a spicy red sauce base and cooked spinach (similar to spinach bhaji). This is my favorite!

And yesterday we splurged just a little more, for the birthday celebrations had begun! Juicy flavorful walnut baklava, and that HUGE piece for only $1.50! After this ever so satisfying meal we had a beautiful relaxed lazy Sunday afternoon with a gripping Hindi movie.


Shashi February 28, 2010  

mouth watering pics, waiting to come visit and try this restaurant

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