On of my recent visits to Boston earlier this year in the winter we had some yummy Malaysian food in Chinatown. Everything was amazing, so flavorful. I wanted to make sure I shared the dishes we ordered.
Here's the website for Penang:

Mee Siam stir-fried rice vermicelli with tofu, bean sprout in spicy thai chili sauce, sprinkle with grounded peanut

Satay Bean Curd crispy fried tofu stuffed with cucumber & bean sprouts, served with peanut sauce

 Penang Poh Piah steamed malaysian spring roll stuffed with jicama a bean sprouts 

Penang Pad Thai chef special stir fried thin flat rice noodle with tofu, bean sprouts, basil leave & ground peanut

Curry Mixed Vegetable Clay Pot mixed veg. served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth


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