South Korea

Earlier this year I visited South Korea with my classmates. I was pretty apprehensive about my food choices before going there, even though I was assured and re-assured that I'd be completely taken care of. And I have to say, they were right. There was so much variety in my food choices. But having my locals with me translating and conversing with the restaurants was key. Not being able to speak Korean is definitely a barrier. 

I'm going to ping my friends to get the names of these restaurants and areas they were in for those of you who plan to travel.

This was a fresh salad with cranberry dressing and toasted almonds. Followed by a course of seasoned squash served with a bruchetta and mango drizzle.

The pancakes were thin soft and room temperature, made of black sesame and rice I think. The idea was to roll up the condiments (mushroom, carrot, radish, seaweed and some others I couldnt eat) and make yourself mini burritos.

To then finish up the meal with a nice cup of tea
Paired with a very interesting dessert - sweetened sesame milk, soy based layer with strawberry and lotus stem. The textures and flavors together were very light and just the right amount of sweet.

This was at a tea making ceremoney at a Buddhist temple. We made green tea and were served lotus stem crisps for snack.

There's also plenty options for non-Korean food too. We had lunch at an Itlalian place with yummy pesto and fresh mozarella salad and a delicious thin crust. 

One of the tea making ceremonies we attended was a workshop and their cafeteria had gourmet tea ice cream - green tea and vanilla. So refreshing and calm. 

Korean BBQ is a religion here :) I hear most business deals happen over these meals with copious amounts of soju! One place made me these oh so yum savory pancakes. They were eggless too! with tons of fresh veggies. I asked for some soy sauce and hot sauce and mixed it up to make a spicy tangy dipping sauce. I had 10 pieces of these - kid you not!

This is what a typical sit down looks like at the Korean bbqs.

I requested a seperate skillet so I could grill vegges. I grilled onions, mushroom, garlic and green peppers that were marinated with soy sauce and oil. Make sure to ask for vegetarian kimchi. Most times its not. 

They brought out a special bowl with noodles, vegetarian kimchi and lettuce and other salad condiments.


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