We tried lunch at Ecopolitan recently. I must say a small hesitation from fear of the menu had been holding me back for close to 6 months. Finally I mustered up some courage with close friends and we decided to be adventurous.

This place is an experience! Cozy little old home, converted to a restaurant, with rooms to rent, and an exotic massage parlor. Everything that can be eaten uncooked was uncooked, plus it was a vegan place with a huge emphasis on fresh and healthy.

For starters we had the "cheese" log - yummy! The cheese was made out of nuts and served with more nuts and flax seed crackers.

One of us had the lettuce wraps, apparently excellent!

Another one of us ordered the soup of the day (not so good), and a burger which was really delicious.

I got the flax seed tostada, the smaller portion and that was amazing - loaded with fresh vegges - purple cabbage, onions, lettuce, lentils sauteed with curry and cumin, and an impressive salsa plus guacamole. It was tangy, wholesome and had a good kick to it. Sorry no picture. But I highly recommend it. I also ordered the fresh apple-ginger juice and really enjoyed it, but I am a ginger fanatic too so that might explain it.

There's so many more items I want to try off the menu, I am definitely making another trip there.


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