Potato cilantro quesadillas

I had some left over potato mixture, that I had made for stuffed parathas (whole wheat Indian flat bread stuffed with choice mixtures). It prompted me to try quesadillas with grain tortillas. I layered the potato mixture, topped it with chopped - tomatoes, cilantro, green onions and some home made cilantro chuntey. Then covered with a second tortilla and cooked both sides without any oil till golden brown and I had me some pipin hot savory quesadillas..

For the potato mixture, follow my recipe from the Stuffed poblanos.

For the cilantro chutney - blend 1 bunch with 2-3 green chillies, pinch of cumin seeds, salt to taste and lemon juice to taste.


Adi May 02, 2010  

This looks really good and easy to make (if there is some potato mixture ready), gonna try it out sometime..

veggie belly May 05, 2010  

I love this idea! very creative!

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