Buckwheat breakfast bites

I was first introduced to Buckwheat by my Russian friends, they made it like rice and served it with a dill/tomato/onion yogurt dish along with a vegetarian Borsht. Buckwheat is a highly nutritious grain, and ever since I have been tinkering around to include it in our meals. And now in my daughter's too. It has a nutty-sweet yet a hint of bitter flavor so I was skeptical of how she would receive it. But the experiment was a hit! It gives me such joy to try new foods with her and see her enjoy them.

I decided to try it with her as a sweet pancake. I took 1 portion of buckwheat flour and a half portion of all purpose. To that I added jaggery, pinch of yeast, pinch of baking soda and a very small pinch of salt, along with 2 tsp of olive oil.

Add just enough water (lukewarm) to keep the mixture thick and pasty. Let it sit for 5-7mins to allow the yeast and soda to work their chemistry. If you use pastry flour instead of the all-purpose, you can avoid the yeast and soda because it already has leavening agents.

I used a cookie cutter to hold in the batter, because I wanted to make the pancake thick. That way I figured they would be soft and it worked. I buttered a non stick prior. Be sure to cook on a slow flame and flip soon so as to keep it soft. I also lid the pan while one side was cooking.

And viola! she put one in, then another and gobbled them up. Yes while intermittently exploring how to squish them. That was our happy day start. I guess I could make them for lunch or dinner too and use it like roti mashed up in a vegetable or lentil curry.


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