Guest dish: Kabuli Pulav

I cant describe in words just how flavorful this rice dish is. Spoon fulls of warm delicious, with roasted onion aromas, hints of garlic, juicy raisins, soft yet crunchy almond slivers, sweet carrot relish... mmmm..

Sauce: Chunks of red onion are deep fried to almost blacken, then pressure cooked with tomatoes and garlic and pureed to a smooth blend.
Rice: Long grain Afghani rice simmers to cook in this sauce with salt to taste.
Garnish: In a non stick, heat some oil, add the shredded carrot, almond, pistachio (both of which should be pre soaked in water and peeled), and raisins. Saute this with some sugar.

The original recipe includes meat too, this one was obviously made vegetarian, specially for me.

Catering contact:
If you live in MN and would like cater to this dish from Shafika Janetkhan, you can call her at: 952-649-7412


Diba,  July 31, 2012  


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