Yaki soba

I got these noodles at my regular grocery store, nothing fancy. The noodles are made of buckwheat. Digress and google 'health benefits of buckwheat' to learn about their goodness!

Get a pot of water boiling with salt, put the noodles in for 3 mins, strain and set aside. 3 mins will keep them slightly al dente so you can fully cook them with the vegetables and sauces.
In a separate pan, dry roast sesame.
Now add in sesame oil and cooking oil, with all these vegetables or whatever else you think will work. I was missing spring onions and would have preferred red onion. I have here, carrots, red bell pepper, yellow onion, frozen edamame, corn, grated ginger (which I keep ready in the freezer for whenever I need it), and chopped up cilantro.
As you saute them, add in soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, a tiny bit of bbq sauce, sriracha, black pepper and molasses (or sugar if you dont have molasses, but molasses is much better for you).
Add in the noodles, fold everything in and you'er done.


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