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Fall colors in Boston are absolutely splendid. The warm yellows and bright reds have a unique way of making you feel an empowering happy. The air was crisp and the ambiance radiated an intellectual vibe you couldn't miss in the heart of a collegiate city. I got to spend precious quality time with my little brother. We caught up on sibling chit chat and divulged in food galore.

Right on Harvard square, a small Sicilian pizza shop, with an unassuming seating, tight space, and appetizing smells that draw you in - Pinocchio's. We had the garlic spinach and artichoke mushroom. I highly recommended it.

Dado Tea - another Harvard square find, was a refreshing awakening. After lots of walking around, I had a relaxing cup of sage tea and a scrumptious scone - caramel, chocolate, nuts, mmm.. They had so many tea and coffee selections, I had to sit down to get a good look through the menu.

One late night Felipes burritos and quesadillas hit the spot for a post-partying appetite. Very reasonably priced, super filling, warm burritos with loads of melted cheese and an exotic salsa bar - chipotle sauce, caramelized onions, different kinds of salsas, more hot sauces, and cilantro-onion relish..

We strolled into North End, the Italian part of town for a pleasant evening stroll. I was transposed.. Old double story buildings, narrow alleys, cobbled streets opening into quaint squares with venerated statues and wooden benches perfect for daytime reads. The streets were lined with cozy Italian restaurants and mouth watering pastry shops. I was so stuffed from a previous meal that I had no room for dessert, yes I had no room, as hard as it is to believe.

Mike's Pastry

In 2012 I have tried Penang in Chinatown so far.. LOVED it, every dish hit the spot.

Bean Town Taqueria

Found a yummy vegetarian sushi in Cambridge MA at Thelonious Monkfish
Frankie & Johnny Roll: Sweet potato tempura, cream cheese + avocado wrapped in nori + rice with black + white sesame
For $7 it's a great small sized dinner for one.


Adi November 16, 2009  

Love it, come visit Beantown again! Pics came out great, there's so much more food to try out, excellent weekend.

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